[Design-team] My New Linux Project :)

Manuel Escudero Jmlevick at gmail.com
Mon Apr 12 03:32:59 UTC 2010

Hi Fedora People!

I've been working on a new Linux project that might be interesting for some
of you and other Linux Users in the world, so

with this mail, I want to introduce you to my new Linux project, it's called
"Tux-Cellar" and it's some kind of Search Engine for Linux Binaries,

it also has other features, such as a Wiki, Chat Room, Forum and a Community
System based on Google Friend Connect.

I built this webapp because I saw that many New Linux Users still want to
install software in their distros with a simple double-click

(Mostly Windows Newbies, because they're used to "exe's work")

and with this app I pretend to make "binaries finding" easier for the users
of different distros.

Tux-Cellar lets you search, find and download ".deb" , ".rpm" , "apticons"
and many other software files for Linux, it uses databases like

Debian's/Ubuntu's ones for DEBS, RpmFind and Suse's Factory for RPMS.

For DEBS and APTICONS (Fedora's and Ubuntu's Ones) I had to create Custom
Search Engines, Meanwhile for RPMS I used the "famous ones" mentioned above.

One of the goals I have for this app is to build a Community around it, so I
included Google's Social Features for that.

I've nothing more to say but Goodbye, I invite you to check out the app at:


Also, I invite you to vote for it in GAE's App Gallery at:


And if you speak spanish, you can read the official blog announcement at:


P.S. Hope you like this app and I also hope you to join to the app's
community and to fill in

the feedback survey I made, this with the goal of build toguether a better
Tux-Cellar Service for all the users around the world

JM :)
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