[Design-team] F13 crufty icon purge

Máirín Duffy duffy at fedoraproject.org
Thu Apr 22 01:11:52 UTC 2010

Hi folks,

I wanted to tell you about a good opportunity for both artists and
interested non-artists to help make Fedora beautiful for F13.

Many releases since we switched from the Bluecurve icon theme now, and
we still have Bluecurve icons in Fedora! And we have some non-standard
non-Bluecurve icons as well. I think we should to update these crufty
old icons so we have a nice, clean, modern, an consistent desktop! In
the past couple of weeks folks from the GNOME art team (rockstars like
Lapo Calamandrei, Hylke Bons, and Jakub Steiner) have been helping fill
in the gaps, pointing me to icons that we should use, bugs in our icon
packages, and creating new icons as we have gaps. 

If you would like to help in the crufty icon purge, I've added my
working to-do file for purging the cruft onto the design team wiki:


Here are specific things you can do to help:

1) Hunt down the crufty icons

Grab an F13 nightly build (from here,
http://alt.fedoraproject.org/pub/alt/nightly-composes/) create a liveusb
or live CD, boot it up, and go through it as thoroughly as possible, and
identify any icons in the menus or even in applications or on the
desktop that are bluecurve [1] or generally crufty and don't fit our
current icon standard - the gnome-icon-theme. [2]

The highest priority icons for the Purge (can you tell I've been playing
Final Fantasy 13? :) ) are those that are in the default Fedora 13
Desktop spin install. That being said, if you use other spins or install
apps that are not in the default package set, it is still helpful to
identify icons that need help for those as well. In some cases we will
be able to help upstream apps update and modernize their icons which is
very cool and very much part of the Fedora philosophy.

Whenever you identify an icon that needs replacing, file a ticket on the
design team trac: https://fedorahosted.org/design-team/  You will need a
Fedora account to do this, and you'll need to log in in the upper right
corner before the 'new tickets' link shows up on the nav bar.

Then, add the ticket link to the Icon Purge wiki page, in the TO-DO


If you need any help with this let me know. If you're hung up on the
ticket-filing part, please don't be - just note all the crufty icons in
a flat text file or in the wiki and we can work through getting them
filed together.

2) Help eliminate the crufty icons!

Look through the list of TO-DOs on the Icon Purge wiki page:

In some cases, we have notes attached to the a to-do item about what
kind of metaphor we need for an icon, etc. In these cases, we need a new
icon design. Pop into #gnome-art and let us know you're interested in
working on a new icon.

In some cases, we have a note attached to an icon saying, 'talk to
so-and-so to get the icon'. In those cases, it would be most helpful for
you to go ahead and talk to so-and-so, get the icon, and move the to-do
to in-progress with some notes on what you did, possibly filing a bug in
bugzilla attaching the icons and asking the maintainer to update their

I should be on IRC (my nick is mizmo) tomorrow and Friday as well as
next week actively working on this purge, so if you have any questions
on any particular items here please feel free to hit me up in
#fedora-design on freenode, or #gnome-art on gimpnet and I'll be happy
to guide you!


[1] If you're not sure what Bluecurve looks like, check out:

[2] If you're not sure what gnome-icon-theme looks like, check out
Jakub's page on it: http://people.freedesktop.org/~jimmac/icons/


We have been working out of a Dropbox.com share - I know it's not open
source and that makes me a really sad panda, but it really helps get the
job done, and I've been using it to learn more about how it works to get
ideas for how we could do an open source collaboration tool. If any of
you would like an invite to the share I would be more than happy to hook
you up. But there's no need to use Dropbox to help out if you don't want
to, don't worry. If you see a referral to a dropbox share, though, that
is what it is referring to.

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