[Design-team] Hi all!

MoZ mozzito at free.fr
Fri Apr 23 00:35:58 UTC 2010

Hi all!

My name is Guillaume AMAT, I'm a french web developer and Fedora user 
for 2 years now :D
I test the Fedora 13 Beta since its release and already love it but I 
found a little bug about the icon set.

The bookmark icon in the "Places" menu of the top panel (I have 9 
bookmarks in Nautilus) is the Gnome icon.

I wanted to open a Trac ticket here but I didn't see any "Register" link...

In order to finish my pretty presentation, I follow your mailing list 
for few months and I'm so proud to be a Fedora user.
All the aspects of this distribution are perfect for me (evolutions, 
opinions, etc...).
But I don't understand why the global desktop theme (gtk and metacity 
theme, plymouth, etc....) don't move as fast as the "foundations" of the 
A lack of designers ? A desired rhythme of evolution ?

I hope I could help in anything in the future ;)

P.S. : I'm not a good english writer... so excuse my spelling mistakes

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