[Design-team] Self Introduction

Adam Miller maxamillion at fedoraproject.org
Mon Aug 2 21:38:09 UTC 2010

Hello design team!

My name is Adam Miller and I wanted to take a moment to introduce
myself. I have been a member of the Fedora Project for about two years
now and I'm a member of a few different aspects of the Fedora
Project[0] and would now very much like to contribute to the design
team. I have some background in cartoon illustration and some formal
teachings but nothing beyond a few college courses in drawing and
painting. I hope to be able to help with illustration needs initially,
probably mostly in the icon/logo realm, and then help with anything I
am able as time goes on and my skill set improves.

Questions, comments and snide remarks always welcome!


[0] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Maxamillion

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