[Design-team] Gnome shell theming plus extension!

Jef van Schendel jefvanschendel at gmail.com
Wed Aug 4 15:59:24 UTC 2010

2010/8/4 Emily Dirsh <emily at fightingcrane.com>:
> At yesterdays design meeting, we talked a bit about gnome-shell theming.
> I made a small gnome-shell extension to make it easier. (With the help
> of my lovely bf Liam whom I "recruited" ;)) It adds a "button" to the
> gnome-shell panel that reloads the theme/css file without having to
> restart the Shell.

That's... excellent!

Have you contacted the gnome-shell team about this? I'm sure they'd
love to hear about it and maybe put it on the gnome-shell homepage for

If only I could get gnome-shell to work, then I could've tried this
out... Tried to build it this afternoon but no luck yet. :(


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