[Design-team] Introduction, and Amateur Radio SIG Logo

Marc Stewart marc.c.stewart at googlemail.com
Sun Aug 8 00:29:33 UTC 2010


I'm trying to become more of a contributor to the wonderful world of
FLOSS, and Fedora in particular. To that end, I've started learning how
to package fonts, but I think I can help out here a little too.

In spite of their time consumption, I enjoy trying to create animations
and visual effects, which have given me some experience in Blender, the
GIMP, and Inkscape that could be useful.


Last week I noticed the Amateur Radio SIG logo request, and worked up a
few quick variations on some ideas I had.

The feedback on the mailing list has been positive so I've claimed the

I know the spacing is a little off, but any other criticisms/suggestions
for improvement would be appreciated.


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