[Design-team] FUDcon Tempe shirt

Onyeibo Oku twohot at fedoraproject.org
Thu Dec 2 20:51:05 UTC 2010

> Jef already posted a few variations for a dark background, but of course, I
> had to do a few of my own. I've got one that's primarily the light
> fedora blue [1] and one that's primarily the dark fedora blue [2] - I
> thought just inverting the black to white was a bit too stark, but I did
> like leaving in the white background on the boxes. I personally prefer
> the light blue variation (I think it would look great on a navy
> shirt :)). I'll post my other concept as soon as it's ready! :)
> Em
> [1]-http://emichan.fedorapeople.org/FudconTempe/hohokam_light_blue_on_black.png
> [2]-http://emichan.fedorapeople.org/FudconTempe/hohokam_dark_blue_on_black.png

The darker one will be perfect on a Black Dashiki (kaftan) or Agbada
(boubou). This is good african stuff.

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