[Design-team] 14 December 2010 meeting minutes

Máirín Duffy duffy at fedoraproject.org
Wed Dec 15 16:23:54 UTC 2010

Hey everybody!

Thanks for another meeting! Here's the minutes:


Minutes (text):


I also posted them to our wiki page here:

Mo Summary:

Topic: Fedora 15 supplemental wallpapers
We're in good shape here. No new submissions since last week, but Mizmo
sent out a dent and a tweet to solict more interest and it was redented
and retweeted several times.

Topic: Fedora RPG
Mizmo is going to be putting together some more RPG mockups for FUDcon
Tempe in late January, so she'll be working on those after the holiday
break. If anyone wants to join her she'll send out an email to the list
when she starts and hang out in our IRC channel.

Topic: FUDcon Tempe T-shirt design status update
Emichan worked on a second concept involving a block-print style desert
landscape, but she decided it wasn't as strong as the original concept
so she's decided to stick with that one.

Robyn has contacted a company called BrandX in Tempe
(http://brandxstore.com) to have the shirts made locally. Their
turnaround is 8 biz days from initial order to shipping. They need a
mockup to provide Robyn with a $$ quote.

ACTION: Emichan to send comp to Robyn for BrandX tshirt quote 

Topic: Fedora 15 default wallpaper

So this was a tough topic and we discussed it for at an hour. The
summary is that GNOME 3 is likely our most prominent Fedora 15 feature
and the GNOME 3 team requested of our team that the wallpaper for the
GNOME desktop in Fedora 15 should be the upstream GNOME wallpaper for
F15 only, as sort of a special-edition / celebrating the first distro
release of GNOME 3. The complication here is that they requested the
GNOME wallpaper shouldn't be used by default by other spins because they
would like a unique, recognizable brand for GNOME. The GNOME spin is the
default download on our website, so this would result in us not having
full Fedora branding in our default download nor across our offerings.
The GNOME team has a challenge in that they would like to set a
recognizable GNOME visual style across distros, but it's hard to do that
when distros have distro-specific default wallpapers and brands of their
own to promote.

The wallpaper in question is viewable here:

And its Gimp source is available here:

It was designed by Jakub Steiner and Hylke Bons who are two
well-respected, FLOSS-software-using GNOME designers.

Nicu has already made a blog post on the topic you may wish to look at

I want to note that the GNOME team approached us reasonably early now in
the Fedora 15 cycle, and made this request of us recognizing that the
Board has granted this design team the decision of the default wallpaper
for Fedora. While understandably some of you may interpret this as a
negative against against our team, I want to make it clear there is no
ill-will in this request and rather the GNOME 3 team is dealing with a
very challenging branding situation and is hoping for our support.

That being said, it does seem from the meeting that many of you are
against this request. I've brought the matter to Jared's attention and
is currently analyzing the situation, weighing all of our options, and
that looking for some sort of win-win compromise for both our teams. In
either case, we will need a Fedora wallpaper design for Fedora 15, so we
should continue our efforts there.

Topic: Fedora 15 sketching session

Here's some of the ideas/notes we came up with during the session:

     a. http://sumerky.deviantart.com/art/Steampunk-71032811 <= i like
        the bg texture (mizmo, 20:35:36)
     b. http://drayok.deviantart.com/art/OneWing-Steampunk-Key-140735134
        very lovelock and steampunk (but too noun-y for a wallpaper of
        course) (mizmo, 20:35:57)
     c. http://dolphy.deviantart.com/art/Steampunk-Kitty-188687419 i
        think the BG is cool (mizmo, 20:36:30)
     d. going the more abstract way, having some geometric pipes james
        white style with some water waves splashing at it (mizmo,
     e. steampunk pipes on one side with water flowing out in a water
        stripe pattern? (mizmo, 20:48:40)
     f. https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/File:Modified-stripes.jpg#filelinks 
     g. I have this weird association of "love" and roller skating -LOL 
     h.  http://rocknro8907.deviantart.com/art/Steampunk-Wings-114717840
        i thought maybe the wings could kind of evolve into an abstract
        stripe kind of thing
     i. I was thinking of a textured overlay .... it doesn't have to be
        wood. A good example is the steampunk backround you mentioned
        but with the stripe statement. That is the concept ... not the
     j. another idea, although not directly stripe-related is the whole
        gaia-thing http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaia_hypothesis reminds
        me of Final Fantasy 7's lifestream visually:
     k. http://www.webdesignerdepot.com/2010/06/spectacular-fountains-from-around-the-world/ water fountain patterns relates to Lovelock for both the Gaia / lifestream link, and also to the Nevada gamblin' town link...more fountains:
  * http://image.shutterstock.com/display_pic_with_logo/184111/184111,1233895584,3/stock-photo-yin-yang-rendered-fractal-24491848.jpg 
  * http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3195/2782786333_45c8f15d89_b.jpg 
  * http://image.shutterstock.com/display_pic_with_logo/62870/62870,1148625054,1/stock-photo-blue-yin-yang-tai-chi-abstract-pattern-1361840.jpg 
  * http://www.denverelectricfountain.org/fountain_photographs.php?c=night 
  * http://www.denverelectricfountain.org/fountain_photo.php?p=31 !!! 

Here's the sketch I came up with:

I'd like to recommend everyone as you come up with sketches, to upload
them to this directory:

You can connect to it using sftp or ssh. SSH to fedorapeople.org, then
cd to /srv/groups/designteam/Resources/Fedora Release Themes/F15/Concept


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