[Design-team] Some more news on the Design Suite

Sebastian Dziallas sebastian at when.com
Thu Feb 18 20:15:40 UTC 2010

Martin Sourada wrote:
> On Wed, 2010-02-17 at 13:03 +0200, Nicu Buculei wrote:
>> On 02/17/2010 12:51 PM, Martin Sourada wrote:
>>> As for a very very quick look on the content -- why do we have OOo
>>> Impress but not the rest of the OOo suit (at least I haven't noticed it
>>> in menus)? This is IMHO just duplicating some of Inkscape functionality.
>> We didn't get yet to the step of making a decision if we remove
>> duplicates or no.
>> Probably the idea was Impress is design related, so it can fit the target.
>> Even if it is a poor duplicate of Inkscape (if you are used to Inkscape,
>> Impress is *frustrating*) I think if the space allow we should leave it
>> there and even add the rest of OpenOffice.org (the core is already
>> there, the rest is small potatoes), because it enables the user (the
>> Designer) to to stuff with his work, for example create a slideshow or
>> an article for publishing.
>> Sure, if the target is a single CD, then OOo should stay out completely,
>> no Impress, no nothing.
> Actually, reading your comment, I've realized that after so much time
> without using OOo (about three years. I've been able to live with just
> TeX and Inkscape and occasional abiword or gnumeric usage) I've totally
> forgot that Impress is for creating presentations, not for drawing... So
> disregard my comment... But having the whole OOo would make better sense
> -- if I haven't missed something, we don't even have abiword there,
> which means we completely miss word processor on the spin...
> As far as space goes, something up to 1GB (not 1GiB!) would be perhaps
> best -- CD is too small and 1GB USB flash is the first bigger than that.
> Also I heard than lzma compression will be used in the future for
> compressing the spins, so we might actually gain some more free space.
> Martin

Alright, so. I had given the snapshot from Feb 14 a try in a local VM 
but didn't give installation a try, yet. I've also removed Impress, 
Krita and GThumb lately - basically to see where we can get size-wise.

I'd like to kick off a quick convo about where we're heading with this. 
Without these three said packages, we're getting close to 690 MB, which 
is pretty nice, given that there's presumably still some bloat in 
Rawhide (in previous release cycles, image sizes went down for me).

We could also throw Impress and the rest of the OpenOffice suite in, 
though. 1 GB sounds like a good goal, then, indeed.

My goals for the next time are (I'll be traveling this weekend, so 
expect some delay in reply)...

* to let us work out what we're targeting (size-wise). Except for these 
three big ones above, I wouldn't see any blockers going for CD-size. But 
I also don't think that we should limit ourselves here for no good reason.

* to get more packages in. I'd love to have pdfmod [1], capa [2], 
rawtherapee [3] and possibly pinta [4] (as well as the others listed 
here [5] - those don't need packaging, though). I had been talking to 
some folks concerning capa and rawtherapee, but need to get that going 

* to put a link to Mo's Inkscape Class on the desktop or as a bookmark 
in Firefox (a desktop icon - panda? ;) - will be presumably much easier).

* to think of more questions for [5], if needed.


[1] https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=537640
[2] http://capa-project.org/
[3] http://www.rawtherapee.com/
[4] http://www.pinta-project.com/
[5] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Design_Suite_Planning#Packages

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