[Design-team] Live-CD icon

Onyeibo Oku twohotis at fastmail.fm
Sun Feb 21 04:56:12 UTC 2010

I like to be reminded that I have a Fedora Media mounted (either in
windows or in Fedora).  I noticed that fedora media displays a generic
icon when mounted so I decided to create something (one each for CD and

Here is what I have so far:

I did a little borrowing from Nicu's website though (the 3d icon, that
is). My original concept was to make the logo appear as though its
emerging from the CD -- like a virtual 3d image coming alive from the
CD.  I'm not quite there yet but I'd appreciate some appraisal/criticism
on the product (so far).  It would be nice to have something generally
accepted ... something everyone can identify with.

Ok ... I'm off to test this on my Live-USB (will develop a variant for
USB later).

Oku, Onyeibo
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