[Design-team] Pending Questions for the Design Suite

Sebastian Dziallas sebastian at when.com
Thu Jan 7 14:56:54 UTC 2010

Nicu Buculei wrote:
> On 01/06/2010 02:59 PM, Sebastian Dziallas wrote:
>> I've taken a second to move the wiki pages around. [1] is now what will
>> be used for the spin application, whereas planning should happen here [2].
> That is a good move, the pages are less cluttered now.
>> I think it would be reasonable to work on getting the spin approved soon
>> and to make modifications as needed then, since feature freeze is also
>> the deadlines for spins and we'd get the daily builds then rather
>> earlier than later.
> +1

I'll try to get everything ready by tomorrow to submit it to the 
wrangler, so that we can at least mention it at the Spin SIGs meeting 

What's still missing is a slogan for the spin. "Use your creativity" is 
probably... well, if anybody has a suggestion, just shout.

>> Thanks to Nicu for adding some more applications to the list here [3].
>> If there's anything else that you feel should be in there, just list it.
> I just added a few apps I have currently installed and use from more or
> less often. Also, there are a number of apps in the initial list which
> may or may not have a place there, according with the spin philosophy:
> - there are gimp, cinepaint and krita, which have a huge overlap and
> some particular niches, like using cinepaint for HDR and krita for
> painting, but for the rest they are quite interchangeable. So they are
> fit if we go for an "everything" approach but may be not for "best of
> breed";

I agree. This might be worth discussing. We could try not include all of 
these and limit ourselves to the most important (not necessarily most 
known) applications.

However, providing additional groups of packages through a comps group 
or the PackageKit browser plugin would still work (the latter one might 
be an interesting way to explore, btw). Anyway, I guess some of those 
decisions are probably also a matter of taste. I prefer personally 
shotwell much over gthumb, but I guess not everybody would agree here.

> - the same for things like pngcrush and optipng or gthumb and shotwell;
> - do we need to list apps like totem, rhythmbox, firefox or empahty,
> which are *expected* for *any* desktop system?

That makes some sense, too. We could probably exclude them from the 
list, right. I don't think it'd cause any irritations, since you'd 
certainly expect a browser.

>> Remaining questions are for example how to deal with brushes - whether
>> we want them included and whether there's a reasonable way to package
>> them. And if we want a special design for the spin (which I think would
>> be interesting, but I'm not a designer, heh) who'd take on that one.
> Since is less likely we will have a conclusion about brushes in the near
> future, I think we should go for the spin approval without them and
> figure it later.
> As said before, I am opposed to customized graphics/different look and
> feel for the spin.

I'm certainly fine with that either and will leave it up to the team 
(which means if nobody steps up, we'll just ship a non-customized 
design). :)


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