[Design-team] Default Wallpaper for Goddard F13

Onyeibo Oku twohotis at fastmail.fm
Sat Jan 30 18:38:56 UTC 2010

I've been following the posts on this subject and here is what I am

What if its an outer space scene with stars (having animated twinkles
... for the boot-up background image)?  There would be asteriods and,
may be, one or two planets with 'our' rocket somewhere in the picture. 
The scene would have a blueish hue to it.  Its the kind of thing that is
best done with a 3D application like 'Blender' and rendered with V-Ray
or Yafray (and retouched in GIMP).  I cannot help thinking about a
wallpaper I downloaded from CG-Arena ... just to help our imaginations
as I can't think of anything closer at the moment.  My reference is a
bit busy but I hope it paints the right mental pictures.

See: http://fedoradesigns.twohotis.fastmail.fm/OuterSpace_Sample.jpg

I also see that we have limited time to agree on this based on
design-team Digest, Vol 9, Issue 32

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> Subject: [Design-team] Upcoming Fedora 13 Tasks
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> Fri 25-Dec  Mon 08-Feb  Wallpaper Design for Alpha
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> Tue 09-Feb  Tue 09-Feb  Spins Freeze
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Oku, Onyeibo

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