[Design-team] off-topic - my first SVG ever...

Nelson Marques nmo.marques at gmail.com
Thu Jul 1 15:57:14 UTC 2010


 This doesn't matter for much, except it's my first SVG ever. I'm not an
artist, neither I believe I have the required sensibility on this

 I've been for some time testing stuff with Nodoka Engine, and I've made
something that pleases me as a GTK-Theme, I called 'Galatic Empire' in
an allusion to 'Star Wars'.

 I've decided to look into Inkscape and try to do some icons, my
original purpose was to create some icons for the gnome tray in the line
of the well known 'elementary monochrome', as my GTK theme is based in
only 2 colors (dark grey and light grey).

 In addition maybe the tradional standard icons, for the menus and
folders, maybe mime types in the future...

 This was my first ever image produced on inkscape based on some
tutorials on Youtube. The 'Galatic Empire' icon I grabbed from media
commons, the folder itself, I did by myself.

 It's a failure as a possible icon, too much complex and shatters
completly on smaller resulutions, but it can point the way. Like Thomas
Edison, I found a good on how not to do an icon ;) the rest the future
will tell.

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