[Design-team] off-topic - my first SVG ever...

Jef van Schendel jefvanschendel at gmail.com
Thu Jul 1 20:05:17 UTC 2010

I wouldn't be so hard on yourself, practice makes perfect. :)

I had been using Flash *hides* as a vector editor for 7 years or so before I
started using Inkscape. Trust me, going cold turkey wasn't easy but it paid
off in the end. It's an amazing tool once you get to know it!

Good luck!


2010/7/1 Nelson Marques <nmo.marques at gmail.com>

>  Hi,
>  This doesn't matter for much, except it's my first SVG ever. I'm not an
> artist, neither I believe I have the required sensibility on this
> subject.
>  I've been for some time testing stuff with Nodoka Engine, and I've made
> something that pleases me as a GTK-Theme, I called 'Galatic Empire' in
> an allusion to 'Star Wars'.
>  I've decided to look into Inkscape and try to do some icons, my
> original purpose was to create some icons for the gnome tray in the line
> of the well known 'elementary monochrome', as my GTK theme is based in
> only 2 colors (dark grey and light grey).
>  In addition maybe the tradional standard icons, for the menus and
> folders, maybe mime types in the future...
>  This was my first ever image produced on inkscape based on some
> tutorials on Youtube. The 'Galatic Empire' icon I grabbed from media
> commons, the folder itself, I did by myself.
>  It's a failure as a possible icon, too much complex and shatters
> completly on smaller resulutions, but it can point the way. Like Thomas
> Edison, I found a good on how not to do an icon ;) the rest the future
> will tell.
>  nelson.
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