[Design-team] Design Suite Change of Goals Proposal

Martin Sourada martin.sourada at gmail.com
Tue Jul 6 16:28:43 UTC 2010


the current goals of design suite quite worked for the start, i.e.
define what kind of apps/content in general we want in. Now, I think
it's time to move on and define some long term goals in terms of *use
cases* and *work-flows*.

Some ideas that come to mind: 
      * Joe has been on a holidays trip with family and recorded a lot
        of content with his DV video camera. He want's to import the
        shots into the computer, do some cutting, add background
        music, ... and make a video he can show his friends. 
      * Minori was on a school trip to Kyōto and shot a lot of photos
        with her camera. She wants to edit them a little (fix
        perspective, red eyes, colours, ...), organize and archive them,
        and publish some of them on web in a blog post (and/or face
      * Ed is giving a presentation on a conference and he wants to
        prepare some slides to show. 
      * Alice wants to design a font for her comic strips. 
      * Květa wants to draw a comic strip. 
      * Pablo is going to design an icon for his favourite application. 
      * Yujin wants to help with Fedora artwork so she downloaded some
        wallpaper WIP and decided to improve it.

More ideas welcome. IMHO we should choose a few concrete use-cases (like
those listed above), for each propose at least one "ideal" work-flow and
then find and include the needed apps in the design spin. And for each
work-flow make some sort of tutorial -- e.g. step-by-step "comic",
screen-cast, ... -- which we would include in the design suite.

Any suggestions, critics, ...? How does this sound.

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