[Design-team] Fedora 14 Concept Decision

Máirín Duffy duffy at fedoraproject.org
Tue Jul 6 21:16:34 UTC 2010

I double- and triple-counted our votes today - each voter picked their
top 3 concepts - and the winner is Kyle Baker's concept for Fedora 14
with 9 votes. 

So our next big deadline is 30 July 2010 - a little less than a month -
to put together a wallpaper based on Kyle's concept for Fedora 14

There were some suggestions for improving Kyle's design discussed in the
meeting today. The sources for the graphic, which consist of a Blender
file and a Gimp XCF, are available here:


Please, feel free to grab the sources for this concept and remix and
tweak and play so we can get as many ideas as possible for moving
forward, and get a kick-ass wallpaper for F14 alpha. Using those files,
moving forward some of the following suggestions could be addressed for
F14 alpha:

∘ needs more fedora blue
∘ needs more blue instead of black
∘ needs more shiny things
∘ too dark
∘ favorite is the last one
∘ I show it to some users and the first comment was that it's kind of

Here's the full rundown of vote counts:

• 9 votes Kybaker
    Feedback: (see above)

• 8 votes Schendje 
	∘ shape is too rough but it could be fixed
	∘ fractal should be smaller and placed in different position
	∘ concept has potential, it will be interested with a   
          combination of first kyle concept and jaymes Ayre
	∘ fractal is too big

• 6 votes Jayme's concept
	∘ needs to be more alive
	∘ it's a little plain
	∘ good potential to work with because SVG
	∘ kind of generic - a design often used in wallpapers

• 3 votes Tatica's atom concept
	∘ needs to be less FC6-like
	∘ atomos is interesting but it remains solar somehow

• 1 vote Mythcat concept 
	∘ not the particular execution maybe, but... the bubbly threads, like
trails, weaving together, uh... not sure exactly what it is but it
reminds me of stigmergic collaboration wrt ants and such

mizmo, nicubunu, kylebaker, tatica, finalzone, mbenitez, schendje,
mchua, jrezni

I have closed the submissions page:


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