[Design-team] 06 Jul 2010 Design team meeting summary

Máirín Duffy duffy at fedoraproject.org
Tue Jul 6 21:49:20 UTC 2010


1 - Fedora 14 Default Wallpaper Concept 

We picked Kyle Baker's proposal as the default wallpaper for Fedora 14.
(more at:

2 - Fedora Branding Fonts

We decided to try out Comfortaa as a titling font, and Droid sans for
body text tentatively. Both Muffin (Fedora-fr community magazine) and
the newest Design team bounty (Fedora presentation template) will be our
testbed for us to decide how we like these fonts.

We could potentially change the Fedora logotype to the FLOSS titling
font we choose, but that will need to involve Red Hat approval as the
trademark is owned by Red Hat. Just something to consider.

3 - Trac tickets

This was a very productive trac week. Nicu completed
https://fedorahosted.org/design-team/ticket/141 with a great blog post
on hackergotchi design:

Good Hackergotchis for Everyone

Jef completed https://fedorahosted.org/design-team/ticket/55 with a
great blog post & wiki page on hackergotchi banners:

Introducing Hackergotchi Ribbons

Hackergotchi Ribbons Wiki Page

For next week, Pierros will be focusing on ticket #138 and ticket #139
for identifying missing hackergotchis and hackergotchis needing
improvement. Also, Jef will take on ticket
https://fedorahosted.org/design-team/ticket/142 with Nicu's (cc'ed)

4 - Marketing team design team member interviews

The marketing team will start off design team member interviews with
Luya. Luya's interview will focus on the Fedora-fr Muffin magazine
project, show some screenshots of the design, maybe have a highlight on

The next victi^W willing volunteers :) up (not in any order) are:

- Interview with Nicu Buculei on how he got started with Open Clip Art
and also highlighting openclipart.org as a tool for designers (maybe
have a sidebar on OCAL/Inkcape integration feature?), maybe explaining
public domain and SVGs?

- Interview with Tatica Leandro on her Gimp podcasts and how they are
used in SA high schools, and maybe do a highlight on using Gimp as a

- Interview Jef van Schendel on how he got started with the design team
via Design Team bounty, maybe highlight open office as a tool since he
used that for his bounty?

- Martin Sourada / Nicu Buculei / Pierros Papadeas - interview on their
presentation of the Fedora design team process at Libre Graphics Meeting
2010, maybe with a highlight on LGM and what it's about and its history?

- Máirín Duffy could talk about how she uses Inkscape to create
UI mockups and show some off for the article.

5 - Other

Mel will ask Matt Jadud, a design professor, on what types of activities
he'd like his students to work on when they help out the Fedora design
team starting in the fall. Based on that, we'll suggest things they can
get involved with.

Michael Beckwidth put together a draft Join page for the design team and
we'll discuss his mockup next meeting:

Jef will be putting together some Fedora Summer Coding hackergotchi

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