[Design-team] Supplemental Wallpaper Submission guidelines

Máirín Duffy duffy at fedoraproject.org
Tue Jul 13 20:52:33 UTC 2010


Here's the metadata we need from folks submitting supplemental
wallpapers (for each wallpaper):

1) URL of Image File

 The URL of the image (for example,

2) Title

The name/title of the image (for example, "The One and Only East")

3) Author

The author's real-life name (if possible, if not their handle/nick or a
link to their profile on the site the photo is found may be sufficient)

4) Author Email or Contact

The author's email address 

5) URL of Image site

 The URL the photo was found on (e.g., the Flickr page URL, or the blog
post URL, etc.)

6) License

The license of the photo (we can only accept the following licenses:

The deadline is August Thu 19-Aug.

The page is:

Submitters are welcome to submit their works directly to that wiki page
following the format uses there, but don't have to. As long as they
provide items 1-6 above, we can upload it for them.


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