[Design-team] Supplemental wallpaper submission

Tom Horsley horsley1953 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 16 19:19:14 UTC 2010

> You don't need to upload the photos to the wiki if you'd rather not.
> Just mail design-team at lists.fedoraproject.org (with the subject line,
> "Supplemental wallpaper submission) the following info for your photo
> and we'll make sure it gets added:

OK, here it comes: I actually discovered I have two different
collections of images I made myself and therefore can submit
with no potential legal problems.

>   1. URL of the image (ie. “where it’s at”)

This points to both collections:


>      2. Title of the work in question

There are two links on the above page, one is for "quilt" the
other is for "trees".

>      3. Name of the author (their real name is preferable, but a
>         nickname with a link to the profile on the page the image is
>         from works as well)

That would be me: Tom Horsley

>      4. Contact information for the author, email if possible

horsley1953 at gmail.com

>      5. URL of the source page that the image was originally from

As explained in the pages above, the original images were made
by me. I guess that makes those links the original URL.

>      6. The license of the photo (has to be compatible with the Fedora
>         requirements)

I'm perfectly happy to declare them public domain.

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