[Design-team] Latest design team bounty is up!

Nicu Buculei nicu_fedora at nicubunu.ro
Mon Jul 19 05:35:13 UTC 2010

On 07/17/2010 08:31 PM, Emily Dirsh wrote:
> Do you have something in mind? A small logo? or something else?

His is how I branded my latest presentation from a couple of months ago 
(probably branding was a bit excessive, but the general idea there was 
to "sell" Fedora and the team):

> On Fri, 2010-07-16 at 09:21 +0300, Nicu Buculei wrote:
>> Here is my own suggestion: can we have something about Fedora identity
>> on every page, in the header of the footer? (it would be very small and
>> unobtrusive)

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