[Design-team] www.fpo content review

Jef van Schendel jefvanschendel at gmail.com
Tue Jul 20 17:52:51 UTC 2010

2010/7/20 Fabian A. Scherschel <fab at sixgun.org>:
> I know this is going to be unpopular but I'd definitely advise *just*
> integrating identi.ca/StatusNet into the page. It's a FaiF service that is
> at the same (and I'd argue even above the) usability level of Twitter and if
> we are going to take our freedom mandate seriously we should try to
> encourage it's use wherever we can.
> Just a personal opinion.
> Fab

I thought the idea of having (at the very least) links to both the
identi.ca & Twitter microblogs was great! The channels could use some
more promotion and the Fedora homepage is a logical place to put them,

There's a LOT of content that everyone wants on this page though, so
we'll have to keep it all to a minimum. It's gonna be tough to make
those decisions.


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