[Design-team] Need help/suggestions reg. the design/UI of an app.

Martin Sourada martin.sourada at gmail.com
Fri Jul 23 11:00:33 UTC 2010


On Wed, 2010-07-21 at 01:50 +0530, kishan goyal wrote: 
> Hi all,
> Recently, yevlempy [1] and myself, Kishan [2] decided to write a
> desktop application (game) based on the  "Spelling Bee" format popular
> across the world. Read more about 'spelling bee' here.[3]  But, being
> a game, it requires to have a nice UI appealing to the target
> user-base, in this case, children of 8-16 yrs. [4] would give a proper
> underatanding and a somewhat-demo of the kind of app. we are planning
> it to be.
>  And the problem lies herein. Neither of us have any experience
> reagrding artwork/design and we are not good at it either. I know some
> PyGtk and have used the Glade interface designer before. Sitting down
> for a couple of hours, I managed to come up with this [5] And, I think
> it looks ugly. So we request you guys to guide us on how to go about
> this.
> Any suggestions/feedback and pointers would be of great help!
> Thanks!
What kind of functionality do you want to implement? There are too many
UI elements in your design I have no idea what are they about. Also,
isn't menu superfluous? In gui design it's good to group similar
elements, like the 'check' and 'listen' buttons, you can add icons to
the icons as well to liven the interface a little. Try to use KISS
principle (keep it simple, stupid). One should guess what to do just by
looking at the interface.

Anyway, just some quick ideas before Jef will have time to help you :)

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