[Design-team] Supplemental wallpaper submission

Tom Horsley horsley1953 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 23 16:40:36 UTC 2010

Just noticed a reply to my message in the archives, so sorry if this
response is a bit late.

>Declaring something "public domain" seems impossible or very hard to do
>depending on your location (remember: I am not a lawyer, though). Would you
>settle for CC-ZERO, CC-BY or CC-BY-SA?
>Other than that I'd be happy to put them on the submission page for you. :)

All I meant by public domain, is I don't care who does what to them
(and since I made the images, no one else should care either :-).

If one of those other licenses conveys anything close to that spirit,
I'm happy call that the license these images are under. After reading
the description, CC-ZERO sounds awful close to me.

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