[Design-team] Design team story....

Robyn Bergeron robyn.bergeron at gmail.com
Sun Jun 27 16:01:57 UTC 2010

Hey there Design folks...

Some of you may have seen some of marketing-team's discussion on doing
some stories about what's going on in Fedora.  It has occurred to me
that it would be super cool to do a piece on what the Design team is
up to - particularly since we're really at the start of the cycle
here, and it's a great time for people to get involved and come up to
speed without it being crunch time. :)

Here's a bit of what I was thinking (subject to change - feel free to
throw your own ideas out!) -

* Look at all the different projects / deliverables Design produces
throughout the cycle - from concept to shipment of each release.  How
to get involved.
* Tools! What are the tools used - perhaps even talk about Design Suite a bit.
* Discuss doing things openly - with open tools, why this is important.
* How can non-designers help? Feedback loop, etc.

I think it would be great as a four-part series (or... something to
that effect), doing interviews with 4 different contributors (ideally,
I could get four interviewers too, which would be awesome).  It could
be some great press-kit type stuff particularly for Design Suite, as
well as hopefully assisting your team in picking up a few new
contributors, and explaining to others what your process is. (Or even,
"Why it's a much better time NOW to make requests, than 2 weeks before

As to where it winds up - there are a few options.  Other than being a
blog series on planet - we could also work with red hat to get it on
their press blog, which gets syndicated in some places where planet
doesn't; we could turn it into a nice-looking document for press kit,
etc., rather than being just "on the wiki" and "in a blog" which
aren't as eye-candy. (Oh, the irony - I say we could, and I'd probably
be filing the request with design to make the design interview / story
look better. haha!)  We could even look into maybe doing a magazine
piece.... or print + video....

Anyway - thoughts? I can file a ticket if necessary - although most of
the "ticket" here is on marketing, rather than design :)

I'd be happy to come to the design meeting this week and talk more
about it, solicit some interviewees, etc.  Shall I put it on the


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