[Design-team] Fedora GTK Theme

Marcus Moeller mail at marcus-moeller.de
Wed Jun 30 15:29:34 UTC 2010

Hi Martin.

>>  Good job. My personal position is that any brand (such as fedora)
>> should have a strong visual identity, which eventually brings up the
>> theming.
> There are few glitches here and there (see the status bar), but overal
> it has a nice feel. I also think Fedora should have its own visual

Status bar has been 'fixed' in 1.1.

My main intend is not to make this one 'official' it's just how I
personally like my desktop and if anyone else likes it: cool  :)

> identity, hence I started nodoka and it was even default in a few
> releases of fedora, but then the desktop team decided (without
> discussion with the design team) to switch back to clearlooks. It made
> me a bit dispirited so the current state of nodoka development is
> "stalled", although I wish to continue the development when I'll have
> more time.
>> I will be one of the persons supporting work being developed on this
>> field for several reasons.
>>  I would probably point this to you:
>>  http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork/NodokaTheme
>>  https://fedorahosted.org/nodoka/
> Marcus' theme is based on Arora gtk engine, for nodoka I accept only
> nodoka gtk engine based themes. That said, if he has design ideas I
> could use in nodoka (like completely new style or adjustments to the
> current one), I'll gladly accept them.

Let's start with the Openbox port and maybe just bring it back as
default, first.

Besides that we also have to think about GNOME 3 themes but I am not
sure if the theme infrastructure is already setup for the Shell.


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