[Design-team] F13 spin websites: done!

Máirín Duffy duffy at fedoraproject.org
Wed May 5 15:11:53 UTC 2010

Hi Mel,

On Tue, 2010-05-04 at 04:32 -0400, Mel Chua wrote:
> All right - it's freeze day, and I *believe* we're good to ship. Fresh 
> eyeballs welcome; I've been staring at these pages way too long.
> http://spins.fedoraproject.org/moblin
> http://spins.fedoraproject.org/security
> http://spins.fedoraproject.org/soas
> http://spins.fedoraproject.org/design

I'm seeing an issue with the tabs and content spacing on these spins
pages - it's not on the other spins pages - I haven't dived into what
the cause might be yet since I don't have Firebug installed ATM but I'm
looking into it now.

If I find a fix can we make it?


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