[Design-team] F15 Schedule

Martin Sourada martin.sourada at gmail.com
Tue Nov 2 11:57:25 UTC 2010

Hi all,

I've put together initial key milestones for schedule for f15 artwork,
based on the previous schedule and proposed main f15 release schedule

Based on experience I've changed some details compared to last time:
      * I put packaging one day prior branching (for alpha) and one day
        prior freezes (beta and final) in order for it to be as smooth
        as possible.
      * I put the deadlines for things that are in packages approx. one
        week before packaging to have enough time to submit new package
        (in case of alpha wallpapers), to push an update and gather
        karma (for the rest)
      * I moved all decisions to Tuesdays as we have our regular IRC
        meetings on Tuesdays. This includes deadlines on banners,
        splashes, wallpaper updates, concept selection, etc.
      * I added precise time for concept submissions deadline (Tue 18
        January 2011, 18:00 UTC, one hour before our regular meeting)
        and for supplemental wallpapers submissions (Mon 7 March 2011,
        23:59 UTC, less than one day before our regular meeting)

Hope I didn't forgot anything :-D Please do initial review to see if the
dates are looking sane. I hope we'll approve in next design meeting
after main f15 schedule will have been approved (not sure when this will
happen though).

The main schedule:

The artwork schedule:

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