[Design-team] 16 November 2010 meeting minutes

Máirín Duffy duffy at fedoraproject.org
Tue Nov 16 20:27:08 UTC 2010

Hey everybody!

Thanks for another great meeting! Here's the minutes:


Minutes (text):


I also posted them to our wiki page here:

Mo Summary:

Topic: Fedora 15 artwork
• Let's start cranking out some awesome ideas :)
• Mizmo put together one quick sketch of an idea - two pieces of land
reaching for each other (reaching for 'love' lol),
• We want to try to keep our designs abstract but strong more
illustrative designs could be considered
• We should schedule some sketching / brainstorming sessions for the
Fedora 15 artwork

Topic: Fedora 15 Schedule
• We approved the schedule Martin put together - great work!

Topic: FUDcon Tempe Shirt Status Update
• We have a few mockups to go through
• We had some concerns about a lot of mockups without any conceptual
statements or strong conceptual ideas behind them
• Jef is going to update Daniel with our critique & feedback

Topic: Install User Experience
• We now have some walkthroughs of the DVD & live media install
• Mo started a conversation with the developers on their mailing list,
Asking the developers lots of questions and being sure to document the
answers will hopefully help us figure out the best way to improve our
install experience.
• Mo started a 'whiteboards' wiki page for any ideas / brainstorms /
mockups / sketches / etc. please feel free to contribute!
https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Anaconda/UX_Redesign/Whiteboards (Luya is
it okay if I upload your mockups there?)

Stuff we didn't get to
Fedora RPG
• Mo is going to hang out in IRC this Thursday to put together a mockup


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