[Design-team] Self Introduction / Fedora startpage

Vinzenz Vietzke vinz at fedoraproject.org
Thu Nov 25 09:03:24 UTC 2010

Am 25.11.2010 08:27, schrieb Nicu Buculei:
> IIRC, there was no consensus reached.
> An important amount of people have concerns about us relying
> on/promoting a proprietary service. There are also voices saying some
> other projects receive money from Google for something like this. And
> other voices pointing to the little value of having a Google search when
> the default browser (Firefox) has the search box inside its UI.
1) Switching to some more free/libre web search is a honorable idea, but 
IMHO there is no service around which is nearly as stable and as 
reliable as google, yahoo, bing and so on. Projects like yacy are good 
efforts to offer independent ways of searching but with a start page for 
new users we should have an eye on highest reliability.

2) That's right. Ubuntu is earning money from Google and even from 
Microsoft for placing Bing second on the search field. I think that can 
cut both ways: On the one hand you get money for your project and can 
"do something good". But on the other hand you leave the noble goals a 
bit behind or even sell a piece of your soul. ;-)
At the moment Fedora is promoting Google. But why not take money for that?

3) The search field in Firefox is nice for users which are used to it. 
But for the absolutely new user a big friendly search box in the middle 
is much more comfortable.

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