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Vinzenz Vietzke vinz at fedoraproject.org
Sun Nov 28 22:15:38 UTC 2010


Am 25.11.2010 22:19, schrieb Jef van Schendel:
> Agreed on the rushing, that's definitely an issue. However I'm not sure a
> compressed footer is the best thing to do, since that means we've got two
> different ones and it'll be even harder to get them consistent across all
> websites. Also, most of the links in your mockup footer are also in the
> header onwww.fpo. If we only want to have those, we could also use the
> existing menu bar somewhere, as in [1].
I rethought the footer-thing again and now I agree: such a footer *has* 
to be consistent. But using the header bar from www.fpo isn't a good 
thing because it overloads the whole site against the search field.
> I tried to get the search functionality front and center, without removing
> the footer in [2]. We can easily make the footer stick to the bottom of the
> screen, so it gets out of the way but is still there if you need it. By
> putting the search bar right in the middle of the screen, it's still the
> most prominent object on the page.
> Another option is to hide the footer a bit. I tried making that div's
> position absolute and putting the top at 90%. Doing this, only the very top
> part is visible on your screen and the rest when you scroll down. I'm not
> sure that's a good option though, it looks quite strange, as if something
> went wrong.
Hiding the footer a bit is IMHO just like cutting it down like I did 
which has the same effect as I stated above.

>> >  The only additional function I'd add would be a link named "switch to
>> >  daily start page" or so, which updates the browser home page to a
>> >  start.fedoraproject.org variant as stated below.
>> >
>> >  * start.fedoraproject.org
>> >  On this site I'd place things like RSS feeds, tweets, rotating photo
>> >  galleries etc. Something like a portal but only with aggregated content
>> >  so no daily maintenance would be needed.
>> >  Perhaps pushing planet.fpo unfiltered to this site should be rethought
>> >  since there are sometimes quite useless postings like "i have voted" or
>> >  so. Maybe someone should pick the 20-30 most "valuable" ones and tell
>> >  the blog owners about the fact that their posts will appear on
>> >  start.fpo. In this way a little quality assurance would be given.
>> >
>   Actually there's already a page that has most of that, the Community page
> onwww.fpo. We designed that just as you describe, as a kind of hub for
> community information.
You talk about [3]? I like that page, but I wouldn't use it as my 
browser home page. Might be some personal liking of mine. Because of 
that I thought about a "standalone start page".

> Thus, I think it's best to keep all of that on the Community page, and
> remove the feeds from start.fpo again. It really adds too much noise IMO.
> Anyway, I'll give it some more thought next week.
> As for the Google topic, those are all valid points but it's probably
> something to discuss on a different list. For now, I think the content is
> good enough: everybody is familiar with Google, and the CC filters add a
> nice touch that for instance Firefox's search bar doesn't provide. I just
> want to give start.fpo a quick facelift.:)
I agree.

[3] https://fedoraproject.org/join-fedora

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