[Design-team] Flickr style notes for the Design Team

Máirín Duffy duffy at fedoraproject.org
Tue Nov 30 21:03:36 UTC 2010

On Thu, 2010-11-25 at 22:41 +0100, Jef van Schendel wrote:
> Anyhow, I was thinking that we should really set something like this
> up for the Design Team. Like fpaste.org for designers. It doesn't seem
> too hard (even I could get it working!) and it's really extremely cool
> IMO.

Here's the chat log from after our meeting today on this topic:

<Schendje> hmm i really want to make the flickr notes thing happen
<Schendje> but i have no idea what the right way would be :)
<mizmo> we could talk to the infra guys to see if we could use it on
<Emichan> if we can't, maybe we could set something up on our
fedorahosted space
<Schendje> i can make the frontend work myself, but that's it... i don't
know where i would save the data
<Schendje> ideally it'd be a website where you can paste the url of a
hosted image
<Schendje> and it'd turn that into a new page with that image and the
<Emichan> we'd need a server-side data backend definitely
<Schendje> oooooo http://evan.nixsyspaus.org/takenote/takenote.php
<mizmo> Schendje, good find!!
<Schendje> mizmo: it works kind of clumsy though i think?
<Schendje> with html spans for everything... not sure
<mizmo> yeh its a little weird the interaction
<Schendje> of course i could make it all client side
<Schendje> (not sure if that's the right word..)
<Schendje> simply put all of the info in the url, though that will of
course make it ridiculously long :P
<Emichan> Schendje it looks like that page is using fotonotes for the
<Emichan> and it only saves changes to the local example images - it
won't save annotations to remote images
<Schendje> yep
<Emichan> some kind of server-side code and data is going to be
necessary in order to actually save the annotations
<Schendje> yes, otherwise they would be php arguments or something...
<Schendje> Emichan: i could use php arguments (variables? dunno what
they're called) and then run it through a url shortener :D
<Schendje> clumsy, but no saving :P
<Emichan> Schendje, what kind of url shortening do you have in mind?
<Schendje> oh just one of the regular services
<Schendje> if you do it automatically, the url won't be huge
<Emichan> the problem with that is that those services just map one url
to another url - you'll still run into the url character limit
<Schendje> there is an url character limit? i didn't even know that O_o
<Emichan> it depends on the browser, but my understanding is that 2000
chars is the max you should encode into a url
<Emichan> and that might be enough for most photos, but...
<Emichan> anyway, since we're not planning on hosting the images, the
text won't take up very much space, so it shouldn't be much of a burden
to store the annotations on a server


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