[Design-team] Introduction

Bryan Nielsen bnielsen1965 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 2 16:29:56 UTC 2010


As recommended on the Fedora Project wiki concerning interest in
contributing I joined the mailing list and am now sending an

Most of my artistic experience is more from a technical background,
creating diagrams, dimensional drawings and models, factory equipment
and facility layouts and models in the semiconductor manufacturing
industry. I have recently been experimenting with Inkscape to generate
various icons, logos, and presentation media and as a long time fan
and user of RHL, Fedora Core and now Fedora Linux I am interested in
contributing to the project if my skill level is at an acceptable

As an example of my current Inkscape skill level I created the Fedora
Logo at the following link using Inkscape and the logo specifications
on the wiki page...


I also contribute to Open Clipart with my new found skills...



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