[Design-team] Resignation of Design Suite Spin Co-Maintainer

Chris Jones chrisjones at comcen.com.au
Tue Oct 5 02:15:32 UTC 2010

I am going to resign from my position as Co-Maintainer of the Fedora
Design Suite. Effective immediately.

There are a couple of reasons for my immediate resignation for which I
will point out in as short form as I can and without pointing fingers
and name calling. I will try to remain as clear and professional as I

Firstly, I have some ongoing health issues that are currently stopping
me from dedicating the time required to really make a difference in the
current status and direction of the Design Suite Spin.

Also, I have been generating a bitter frustration within myself for the
way things are handled within the development of the Fedora Design Suite
Spin. And I have been keeping these niggles to myself as a means of
keeping the peace. So before I blow up and say something I regret to
anyone, I feel the right thing to do is step aside from my position of
Co-Maintainer and open it up for someone else who may wish to fill the
void. With the consultation of the Spin Owner Sebastian Dziallas. For
which you can contact on sdz at fedoraproject.org for any more information.

One of my frustration is the efforts of communication between the three
Owners, Maintainers and Co-Maintainers. I feel there is too much in the
difference of opinion between the three of us and feel that we can not
get in agreement on the big issues on what make a real difference to the
user experience of the Design Suite.

I have a vision for the Design Suite and think it has not only great
future potential as a Fedora Spin, but also greater potential in its
current form. But that's where all the differences of opinions lie.

But without dragging this out any more than what is necessary, I
officially demote myself to a back role within the Development Team.
What that role will be, I am still yet to decide. Probably a consultancy
role of some description.

In addition to the aforementioned details, I have took it upon myself to
update the wiki and introduce a new section to the wiki under the
"Owner(s)" etc. section. You will see I have added a section titled
"Other Positions". In the near future there will be positions added here
which give a bit of an insight of who holds what position(s) within the
Development Team and what their official title is.
I think this can be a good thing, because I have been thinking about
this for quite some time. And at current, unless I am otherwise
mistaken, there's no clear indication of such users details, positions,
roles etc.

Please do not add yourself to this section yet as we need community
consultation on what positions we want displayed here.

And finally, I will also be updating my wiki page to reflect my
involvements and changes so nothing is misleading as such.

This is by no means good bye for me and my Fedora and Fedora Design
Suite Spin Development contributions.
It's simply a change of position to something more suited to my current
choices and availabilities.

Kind regards

foxmulder881 at fedoraproject.org

Chris Jones

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