[Design-team] F14 Disc Sleeve

Marc Stewart marc.c.stewart at googlemail.com
Tue Oct 5 09:17:38 UTC 2010

For the sake of the Scribus practice, I too have been tinkering with
disc sleeve designs. I also felt that the copy that's been used for the
last few releases could do with some updating and friendlifying.

I am indebted to Alexander for posting his designs. Up until a few hours
ago, I felt there was something missing from mine, and have shamelessly
stolen the overlay and front logo, and moved the front details from the
bottom-left over to the right as a consequence of incorporating these

Links first, then some reasons for my choices.
Sources in the same directory

As Jef noted, the copy was a bit technical. I've tried to speak more
plainly, limiting jargon to quotations of items easily seen on screen.

In contrast to Máirín, I think it's better to have a little too much
text on the back (I've actually added an item) than leave some people
confused about what to do with the thing—I'd be happy to see suggestions
that use fewer words without sacrificing clarity though.

But I agree about the need for organisation, and brevity, at least
within each item. To that end, I've limited each to two lines, and moved
the requirements up with the instructions, which seem to logically go
together. This creates some separation between the URLs (which I felt
clashed as they have been rather close previously) as well. And, as Jef
also mentioned, this arrangement keeps left-aligned and centred blocks
separated too.

The colour block of Alexander's designs becomes a band in mine, helping
to give the Join URL and small print clear homes.

The other reason I've used a band rather than a lower-third is to show
off as much of the wallpaper as possible.

I've repurposed the overlay colourisation too, with Fedora Blue for
32-bit, and Fedora Dark Blue for 64-bit. The different desktops already
have logos for recognisability; this colour scheme helps quickly
distinguish the architectures too, and avoids having to broaden the
palette for the sake of other desktops and spins.

Looking back at previous designs, I liked the version number arrangement
of the F11 sleeve, so have drafted that in. (Like Misha, I thought
"fedora" should precede "14".)

A bit more about the copy:
I've changed "media" to "CD". To people like my parents, "media" is
newspapers and television, a CD is a "CD". I know there's the argument,
"But you can burn the image to a DVD too!" However, the instructions on
the back say you can use a CD drive. For this to be true, the disc must
be a CD. So let's just call it a CD.

I'm still not quite satisfied with my copy for the installation DVDs,
but I'll be thinking about it through the day, and, in any case, I'll
post what I have before the meeting tonight.


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