[Design-team] Thanks for another great meeting today; here are the minutes!

Máirín Duffy duffy at fedoraproject.org
Tue Oct 5 20:40:01 UTC 2010

Thanks everybody for a great meeting!


Minutes (text):


Here's the Mo-summary:


- Alexander and Marc are kicking ass and taking numbers on the CD/DVD
label and sleeve artwork. A couple of extra things we need:
lightscribe-friendly disc labels, and a full color version of the disc
label (in addition to the flat ones) for Karlie Robinson (we can screen
the wallpaper on top)

- We're going to do an animated wallpaper for F14; the supernova in the
background will change from light to dark over the day. Mizmo will wrap
up the artwork and Martin will XML-ize and package.

- Emichan's gonna take on the F14 release poster design; it'll use the
F14 wallpaper as background.

- F14 countdown banners are done and translated, and Alexander is a
rockstar. Mizmo will pass them on to the websites team.


- Naming submissions are open! Mizmo thinks they close on Friday, so
please, get your names in and comment on names you don't think are
themeable. The link:

- Artwork process reorganization - Martin has a good idea for making
neater wiki pages for our artwork progress - he'll put together a
skeleton for F15 and mail it to this list for comment.


- Schendje, sijis, and mizmo have been hard at work on our new websites;
check out the progress in staging and let us know what you think:

- http://stg.fedoraproject.org
- http://stg.fedoracommunity.org


- let's put together a design proposal for a Fedora RPG. We've been
talking about this idea in Fedora a lot, let's just do it!
- Spot will help us with development resources if our proposal is good
- There's a possibility of awarding real-life prizes
- We should design this so folks can also track their RPG 'levels' in
other projects, and of course it will be open source and we want other
communities to use it too. OpenHatch.org integration would be awesome.

- Nicu sent an initial proposal for game mechanisms to this list.
- Mizmo will put together a wiki page with our ideas so far
- Mizmo will send out a whenisgood.net invite to all interested parties

- The meeting notes are chock full of great information and references
and examples, please check them out for more on this topic!

- http://libregraphicsmag.com/call.html Libre Graphics Mag call for
- Get your 50-word proposal to Ginger by Oct 6 
- Final article is due Oct 18


- Emichan, Mizmo, Spot, Jared, and Dave will be representin' at SXSW.
But we need to make a good impression of free software on those folks.
- Our focuses for this event: 1. design spin USB sticks, 2. impressive
free tools features/artworks and 3. how to participate in fedora design
- A lot of good ideas are in the meeting notes, check them out!

Slán agus beannacht,

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