[Design-team] RFN (request for ninja): brand guidelines refresh

Ian Weller ian at ianweller.org
Mon Oct 25 18:32:17 UTC 2010

Hi guys. As you might remember, I was working on updating the brand
guidelines to be more comprehensive of all of the different trademarks
Fedora uses (or have been ever since I started working on the draft
page[1]). Turns out college is a *huge* timesuck and I need to start
working on offloading projects.

What I need is someone to step up and help complete the work on the
brand guidelines draft page to a point where we can get an OK from the
board and Legal, as well as help draft up changes to the trademark
guidelines page[2] as necessary. Most of the work on the SVGs themselves
has already been done, so it's just a matter of translating those
guidelines into words.

I'll still be involved in the process. I'll still be running the
logo at fedoraproject.org queue (someone within Red Hat has to do this) and
I can help be a liaison between Red Hat's trademark people and the

I'll be asking for help at some point in the meeting tomorrow (Mo, can I
get a bullet point in the agenda?), but if you're interested and can't
make the meeting, reply to this on-list.

This is a significantly larger endeavor than the semi-bi-weekly design
team bounty, so if you help out, I will make sure something awesome
happens. :)


Ian Weller <ian at ianweller.org>
Where open source multiplies: http://opensource.com
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