[Design-team] Supplemental Wallpapers

Nicu Buculei nicu_fedora at nicubunu.ro
Wed Sep 1 10:43:53 UTC 2010

Based on the team's vote, Emily created a page with the "winners":

The next step is to re-check the licenses to ensure we are all OK with 
the usage:
- 5 images were submitted by known Fedora contributors, who signed the 
CLA: icon, fabsh, bruce89 and nicubunu, they should be OK;
- me and Emily split the remaining ones and are contacting the authors, 
the images are taken from Flickr and they have Creative Commons licenses 
but we want to check they are OK with the attribution.

I started with my own part:
- mailed and awaiting replies from Hamed Saber, Unhindered by Talent, 
Eneas, Ivan Zuber;
- identified "Lavender Kiss" as having an inappropriate license, 
CC-BY-ND, which is considered non-Free so not usable in Fedora.

We will also need the help of a packager to push them in the distro, 
Martin or someone else, can you lend a hand?

nicu :: http://nicubunu.ro :: http://nicubunu.blogspot.com/

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