[Design-team] Release criteria proposal: fedora release artwork

James Laska jlaska at redhat.com
Fri Sep 10 13:49:55 UTC 2010

Greetings gang,

From the last 2 F14 blocker bug meetings [1], it became apparent that we
need release criteria to describe how best to prioritize issues related
to Fedora release artwork.  I took an action item to draft up 2 criteria
to describe the expectations around release artwork before Final, and
for the Final release.  

I'd like to propose the following criteria.  As always, comments welcome
and encouraged.

= Fedora 14 Alpha =
 * The default Fedora artwork used must either refer to the current
Fedora release under development (Fedora 14), or reference an interim
release milestone (e.g. Alpha or Beta).  If a release version number is
used, it must match the current Fedora release under development.  This
includes artwork used in the installer, firstboot, graphical boot,
graphical login and desktop background.

= Fedora 14 Final =
 * The proposed final Fedora artwork is included and enabled by default
for the installer, graphical boot, firstboot, graphical login and
desktop background.  All Fedora artwork must be consistent with the
proposed final theme, and if any artwork contains a graphical version
number, the version number used must match the Fedora release number.
Generic release artwork (e.g. Alpha, Beta, Development) must not be used
for the installer, graphical boot, firstboot, graphical login or the
desktop background.



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