[Design-team] A doubt about F14 wallpapers

Victor Hugo Borges victorborges at gmail.com
Sat Sep 11 10:09:25 UTC 2010

Excuse me, my friends,But as Im new to this mailling group thing and even to
a design-team discussion, I have some doubts.
About Fedora 14, the wallpapers where already choosen? There is any chance
that I could submit one to review?
Sorry if I still noobing here, but in wiki I read something about "Concept
submissions ended 6 July, 2010", but i keep seeing people submiting new
wallpapers, so it makes me wonder, could I submit one?
Thanks for your attention.

Sincerally, V.H.Borges.

Atenciosamente, V.H.Borges.
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