[Design-team] Gnome-shell extension that adds a Fedora logo

Timur Kristóf timur at sch.bme.hu
Wed Apr 13 21:50:04 UTC 2011


Thanks for the positive reacitons so far! :)

I've sent the package for review, here is the link:

Responding to Fab's comment:

 > That sounds like something we should consider to ship by default.
I was kind of hoping that someone would say that. :)

 > I've also been thinking about the fact that the only place someone
 > sees a Fedora logo on F15 is a few split-seconds when Plymouth is
 > booted a nd that that isn't good at all for our branding.
This is 100% agreed.
I have no idea why Fedora 15 misses any Fedora branding at the moment,
but we definitely shouldn't let it be released this way. As it is now, F15
doesn't feel like being Fedora at all.
(I'm not sure why the desktop team decided this way.)


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