[Design-team] Gnome-shell extension that adds a Fedora logo

Camilo Mesias camilo at mesias.co.uk
Fri Apr 15 11:58:54 UTC 2011


For the record, in Gnome 2 / Fedora 14, wasn't there a Fedora logo on
the main menu? I say this because I had to add a menu to the panel
after a fumbling session by an inexperienced user, which removed the
menu entirely. When I replaced the menu it had a Gnome foot logo on it
instead of the Fedora logo.

If this is true and not my memory playing tricks on me, it might show
a precedent for Fedora overriding some upstream imagery, placing
branding in front of the user by default.

I am slightly worried by the undercurrent that seems to suggest
leaving upstream untouched... I get the impression there is a barrier
to participation in open source that is slowly and surely being
cranked higher (sorry that's a bit off topic here)


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