[Design-team] Default Theme Thoughts

Ryan Gauger rtgkid at gmail.com
Tue Dec 13 02:59:39 UTC 2011

Design team,

We do many things, one of the many things we do is create and choose the default wallpapers for the next release of Fedora. I thought (thinking about Ubuntu) that it would be really cool for Fedora to have its own default theme, possibly keeping the default GNOME theme as an option, but using the default Fedora theme by default. In my opinion, it would be really cool for Fedora to have its own unique theme that maybe, possibly changes every three or four releases, making small, supplemental changes. This way, when a Linux user looks at the Fedora desktop without the wallpaper giving it away, that user would know right away that that computer was running Fedora. Again, not really needed, but would be really nice, possibly very fun to create the themes too. Now, I will shut up since I have no clue as to how to make a theme, but there is probably at least one person in this team who does know how to make themes. Might be, also might not be a good idea. Thanks!!!


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