[Design-team] GNOME background in Fedora 15

Bill Nottingham notting at redhat.com
Mon Jan 3 19:18:49 UTC 2011

Nicu Buculei (nicu_fedora at nicubunu.ro) said: 
> > That's continuity within a release, yes. What I'm saying is that there's
> > very little continuity of the artwork from release to release *other* than
> > the color; some are more abstract, some are less, some are sharper (like
> > F-14), some are more soft-focus (like F-13).
> We owe a lot of thanks for this to our friends is the RHDT who killed 
> identity projects like Nodoka and Echo and now will completely change 
> the desktop theme to a dark one with F15.

I was talking about the wallpaper. You apparently like to rehash other

> > What I intended to say is that given that, I would think that a random
> > outside observer could look at *any* distro that has a blue, non-photograph
> > background, and think "hm, must be Fedora", unless they already know which
> > sort of blue backgrounds Fedora has chosen.
> It would give me a warm smile seeing this happening.

Then I suggest you join the OpenSUSE and Ubuntu design teams and convince
them to adopt blue backgrounds. Perhaps talk to Apple & Microsoft too, and
maybe Google for Chrome OS. That's the most direct and logical choice
to achieve that. 

Given our current desktop trends, the only way you get 'coffeeshop' brand identity
currently is:

- have people know what Fedora is (unlikely)
- have people know that Fedora backgrounds are ... blue (probably likely,
  given the first)
- show them something Linux-y with a blue background

There is no way that the proposed background breaks this chain.


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