[Design-team] 04 January 2011 Meeting Minutes

Máirín Duffy mairin at linuxgrrl.com
Tue Jan 4 21:09:22 UTC 2011

Hey everybody!

Thanks for another great meeting! Here's the minutes:


Minutes (text):


I also posted them to our wiki page here:

Mo Summary:

Topic: Fedora 15 supplemental wallpapers
• Our submissions page
• We got some great new submissions from Susmit.
• Ivan submitted a Fedora logo wallpaper. We decided we cannot accept it
and let him know:
• We need some more submissions. Ian is going to advertise on Deviant
Art, and Mizmo posted to Twitter and Identica:
  • http://identi.ca/notice/61538327http://twitter.com/#!/mairin/status/22369737770008576
• List of DeviantArt groups:
  • http://openartists.deviantart.com/http://wepreferlinux.deviantart.com/http://fossadvocates.deviantart.com/http://inkscapers.deviantart.com/http://linux-deviants.deviantart.com/http://linux-users.deviantart.com/http://gimp-artists.deviantart.com/

Topic: FUDcon Tempe T-shirt Design
• Emichan's latest design:
• Emichan is going to update the dates on the shirt design, then give it
to Robyn to give to the printers for an estimate.

Topic: Fedora RPG
• Mizmo has been working on pencil sketches; she'll send her progress to
the list tonight
• Will be presented at FUDcon Tempe as a proposal

Topic: Fedora 15 default wallpaper
• We unanimously decided against having a vote. 
• We don't actually have any proposals and the due date for proposals is
January 18th. Let's see what we have then. So far there hasn't been a
lot of work on creating a wallpaper design and there's been interest in
other projects (RPG, Anaconda UI, etc.)

Topic: FUDcon Tempe Booklet
• https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FUDCon:Tempe_2011_packethttp://ianweller.fedorapeople.org/fudcon-tempe-booklet/
• Can everyone take a look and send Ian some feedback?
• One idea so far is to incorporate Emily's t-shirt motif in the booklet
design: http://emichan.fedorapeople.org/FudconTempe/hohokam_lg_logo.svg

Topic: Image Annotator
• Running example, allows you to add flickr-style notes to images:
• Emily's gitorious project for the code:
• Jef to file ticket with Fedora Infra team -
https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-infrastructure/ See Request for
Resources https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Request_For_Resources

Action items:

• ianweller to advertise supplemental wallpapers in the
linux-flossrelated deviant art groups (list is above in notes)
• Emichan to correct date on T-shirt mockup for Tempe and hand off to
Robyn for printers' estimate
• Schendje/Emichan to blog final t-shirt design for Tempe in Fedora
Design team blog
• everyone take a look at ianweller's Tempe booklet mockups and provide

• Mizmo emailed Ivan, who submitted the wallpaper, to let him know we
can't accept his submission
• Mizmo advertised supplemental wallpaper submissions


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