[Design-team] Fudcon Tempe Shirt

Emily Dirsh emily at fightingcrane.com
Thu Jan 6 15:40:46 UTC 2011

> Hi Emily,
> Do we have the graphics/source somewhere for the portion that goes on 
> the front of the shirt?
> Thanks!
> -Robyn

Hi Robyn,

It was actually all together in the one source file. I went ahead and
separated out the sources for the front [1] and back [2] of the shirt,
converted the text to paths and resized them to actual size per Brand
X's art guidelines[3]. I also converted them to pdfs [4] since they seem
to prefer it. If there are any problems with the files, just let me


[1] - http://emichan.fedorapeople.org/FudconTempe/hohokam_front.svg
[2] - http://emichan.fedorapeople.org/FudconTempe/hohokam_back.svg
[3] - http://www.brandxstore.com/art-specs
[4] - http://emichan.fedorapeople.org/FudconTempe/pdfs/

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