[Design-team] Reminder: F15 wallpaper submissions due tomorrow...

Máirín Duffy duffy at fedoraproject.org
Mon Jan 17 17:02:38 UTC 2011


I'm not seeing any proposals on here :( Here's the requirements for a
concept submission:

- Must have at least a sentence describing the link to the 'Lovelock'

- Must have at least one sketch or mockup. This could even be the work
of another artist as an inspiration note, just make sure you properly
reference the work, and if you upload it make sure the work is under a
freedom-friendly license (e.g. Creative Commons).

The proposals are due by our meeting start time tomorrow, I think it's
1700 UTC (3 PM US EST).

I know you've got awesome ideas, so let's get 'em on the wiki page so we
can discuss them at our meeting tomorrow!


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