[Design-team] tommed - new to design team opening letter

Tom medhurst tom.medhurst at gmail.com
Thu Jan 20 13:30:17 UTC 2011

Hi Guys,

My name is Tom Medhurst and I am a professional (in the paid sense) software
developer, musician, and writer.

I am new to Fedora but a die-hard Linux fan. I was driven to Fedora as I
became frustrated with the other distros as their communities were not
helpful, their support for my hardware was weak (Fedora is the only distro
I've got the ATI catalyst GPU driver working on!), and the loops you have to
jump through to give back to the community.

Fedora seems like a great project that I'd like to offer some of my spare
time to (not that I have a lot with two full-time jobs and an upcoming

I am not comfortable offering my services to the dev team _*yet_* as I don't
have the time to learn the system that well. But I am pretty comfortable
using Photoshop and GIMP, so would be happy to do some wallpapers, banners
etc.. (not icons though)

I also can also offer some guitar riffs or other musical sounds. I have
played guitar for 14 years, concentrating on modern and classic Jazz for the
last 5 years. I saw the TRAC case
#114<https://fedorahosted.org/design-team/ticket/114>and think I might
be of use here. I'd be really happy to develop a riff or
tune which became synonymous with Fedora! :)

Anyways, that's me!

Lastly, I created my Fedora account (on admin.fedoraproject.org) about 4
hours ago and have uploaded an SSH certificate. But I don't have access to
fedorapeople.org via ssh yet. Does that come after joining a group or should
it happen in a few hours after some CRON jobs have been run? Would be nice
to have a place to store resource files for this project!

If you'd take me; I'd be happy to join the art group and start contributing!
Many Thanks & Kind Regards,
Tom Medhurst
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