[Design-team] First few jingles

Tom medhurst tom.medhurst at gmail.com
Fri Jan 21 15:23:02 UTC 2011

I've got some pedal boxes, or an array of acoustic guitars (if that would
fit better...?)
Don't really play synth, but do have a MIDI keyboard and could have a bash,
or could provide the notes for someone else.

Any pointers as to what sound you would think would fit Fedora best? I am
pretty new here, so not the best person to make that call..
I remember that Yahoo! used to use a banjo (I have one of those too - and a
mandolin), and eBay once used a track from
so I thought the acoustic sound might go well, it should give it a homely,
down-to-Earth sound?

Bring on the suggestions! :D

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> 21.01.2011, 23:03, "Tom medhurst" <tom.medhurst at gmail.com>:
> > Comments obviously welcome!
> Do you play synthesizer?
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