[Design-team] First few jingles

wonderer wonderer4711 at gmx.de
Sun Jan 23 20:25:21 UTC 2011

>> With regard to issue #114, here are my first few attempts at some
>> jingles.
>> Comments obviously welcome!
>> http://soundcloud.com/idlewords/sets/fedora-jingles
I had a look and I like the sounds very much! Nice tunes and a nice set
overall. But I also hear it from the original "Ticket-perspective". The
original intention was to have a jingle to put in front of podcasts or
as a sound carpet under some talks, etc.
Now I see that there are different interpretations of such a "jingle"
and some also want a kind of startup Sound. I think for THAT someone
should put a new ticket in the tracker.

For now I'm searching for a complete jingle. My idea was some kind of
having the letters speak for themself - f-e-do-(r)-a ... and playing
with our four foundations (freedom - friends - features - first) and
build some kind of melody around it with a nice beat, bassline, etc. The
jingle should have about 0:40 - 1:10 min. in length and also should
contain some elements for a loop. If you take a closer look at the
podcast I do (see
http://blog.radiotux.de/2011/01/16/fedora-weekly-news-fwn258/ ) you can
hear that there is a loop in it and I have from week to week different
length to deal with (after translate the main parts from our Fedora
Weekly News ...). So my goal is to have one jingle to play with and to
have enough "base" material for such productions.
Maybe you can play with these ideas and try to implement them.

The point about "innovative" is also as to talk about which car should
someone drive and so I even do not want to start that ;-). I like that
sound as an idea and I hope that there will be more.

Also there is the question if we want a more or less generic one or a
Release-based (for now "Nightingale"). For my idea as pointed out in
Ticket #114  I was searching for a generic jingle and maybe some
variations around it. The soundbase should be later workable in classic,
jazz, modern, funky, electro, etc. themes so that i.e. some song can
also made out of it as some more themes as a startsound or other "sounds".
If we have one readymade jingle we can improve it for next releases...
For now I like the base-idea from #3 and #9 but as I said its "only" a
start ;-) But a very good one!

mit freundlichen Grüßen / best regards
Henrik Heigl - wonderer at fedoraproject.org

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