[Design-team] Problems with FC versions > 9 (PAE ?)

GervanDijck vandijck.ger at skynet.be
Sun Jan 30 16:12:10 UTC 2011

Hi ,

I have the following problem :

I use an Acer S series Penthium 3 , disk C 20 Gb , disk D80 Gb, RAM 512 Mb.

Boatloader :  Windows 2000 Prof
                       Fedora 9-10-11-etc
                       SCO unix 5.05 Eb

First I install Windows on C 16 Mb FAT12 , 30 Gb on D.

Then I install SCO Unix .

Next and last I install FC.

Till FC9 everything runs fine.

When I do an upgrade (so FC10 etc.) all keeps running fine.

When I do a fresh install (FC10 and higher , so PAE) suddenly the FAT12 
file on C changes from 16 Mb to 15 Mb and I cannot boot SCO anymore .
Windows runs fine.

After a fresh install (FC10 and higher ,so PAE) FC has strange problems 
: K3B does not functionate proper  , no recognation of inserted DVD´s : 
FS problem.

I would like to solve this problem ( how do you and can you if possible 
install FC10 and higher without PAE) and I am very curious what are the 
reasons that this problem occurs.

Ger van Dijck.
Tel.:0032 (0)89 56 86 05
Fax.:0032 (0)89 75 51 15

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